For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with beautiful brides, weddings and the creative expression of love that manifests during the ceremony. The Indian weddings I attended were always 3-day productions that went off without a hitch! But it’s not the color of the bride's dress or how delicious the food was (cake is a different story) that I remember, it’s the immense joy  and happiness  that was felt by all that intrigued me. The festivities always brought feuding relatives together, had a sense of organized chaos and created a sense of family that made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s that feeling that lured me into designing and creating stages for weddings and events.

My resume started with throwing Barbie’s elaborate wedding and has evolved to include custom cake decorating, interning for wedding planners, working in marketing, and getting a GIA Diamond Graduate certificate.

I find inspiration from constant traveling, have a love for all things chocolate, can’t park between lines and chase after that warm and fuzzy feeling you get after creating a stage that tells the tale of the betrothed.

PS In case you're wondering, James and I are not a power couple, simply power business partners!

Khadija Hansia
While Khadija was busy fantasizing about weddings, I was the kid that took everything apart to see how it worked. Yeah, you can call me a nerd.  I enjoy fixing computers and motorcycles; learning the mechanics of how things come together.  As a tactile learner, I build things. My passion for working with wood lead me to recently constructing a kitchenette. When Khadija approached me to build out her designs, I took on the challenge! I’m the voice of reason behind her crazy impractical demands.
I pursue photography and web design on my free time that allows me to have a creative outlet that I can control. All this is made possible by coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.
Sharing our love of coffee, Khadija and I decided it was time to launch Limelight Productions. We’ve been working together for over 5 years and have recognized a compatible partnership. Most importantly, we’re able to yell at each other and talk the next minute. We both bring a wealth of experiences and skills to create a team that works together for you.

James Hannigan
Aisha Surty
Hi, my name is Aisha.

As a diehard fan of romantic movies and the real–life romance in other peoples lives, I bring this passion along with my skills to creating a very special day. Through my career I have taken numerous events from planning to execution in such diverse areas of interior design, promotional events, office and children parties and of course my new favorite…weddings!

I first developed my creative skills as an interior designer. Working with Limelight Productions, I got the opportunity to apply my designers eye to weddings and started to bring the same style and passion to all my events. My meticulous organization and attention to detail skills, comes courtesy of my juggling my clients with my family life. 

Added to this are years of delivering first-class customer service in the hospitality industry. I am always honored to be entrusted with a couple’s memories and those closest to them. That is why I make this duty, my personal labor of love.


Wedding and Event Designer
Rena Kharbat


My name is Rena and I am excited to be a part of the Limelight team!  

Coordinating & Planning events has always been a dream of mine.  I am an organizer at heart and am always thinking things through to the very last detail! 

Planning and organizing have always come naturally for me.  I enjoy the process of seeing plans come to life and doing what it takes to ensure everything goes as planned. 

I take great pride in a successful event!

Wedding and Event Designer
Safia Bassa
Hiya (British for hi) my name is Safia. Ever since I was young, art and creativity have been a passion. I started working on cakes when I took an art decorating class with Khadija and a few other friends. I just did it for fun and to hang out with my friends and had no intention in going further into it. But as we did more cakes, my creative juices really started to flow and I really enjoyed designing cakes. 

I love to see the beauty in everything, whether its the intricate details on a wedding cake, an ancient carving on a historic building in Marrakech, or the embroidered thread work of a bridal gown. And designing cakes allows me to add a beautiful touch to an already amazing wedding or party. As a decorator I'm focussed on the little details, whereas Khadija focuses on the broader picture, with our differences, together we make the perfect team.

The happiest moment at a wedding for me is seeing the smile and appreciation on a bride's face when she sees the cake we've produced. And I'm looking forward to creating more masterpieces through Limelight Productions!

Creative Director
for Desserts